Thursday, April 08, 2010

Here are some visual renderings for the planning of Universal Studios Singapore, Jurassic Park section. These were done more than a year back. And now that the theme park is finally open, I can finally put them here. I've not been to the park yet but I'm looking forward to seeing how they finally turned these scenes into reality. Working with the architects/art directors at the theme park was a pleasure. They were really nice and funny most of the time. I guess it helps to have people like that when you are bringing something happy, like a theme park, to life.

These here are fictional sci-fi travel posters for the sci-fi world at Universal Studios Singapore. I believe you can find them along the streets of sci-fi city near Battlestar Galactica. These were digitally painted. Mr Sharper, my pencil sharpener icon, makes a guest appearance in one of the posters.