Sunday, February 12, 2012

sketches thurs to sat

Had dinner at Bukit Merah hawker centre.
(parallel pen + watercolour)
Went to the library to work.
(parallel pen)

Meet Seiji for dinner
(brush + watercolour)

sketched at Portsdown
(parallel pen + watercolour + photoshop)
Geylang sketchwalk with Tia, Zhu Hong, Eve, Tony, Many uncles were looking over our shoulders.
(hero pen + watercolour)

I drank ice teh-o while I drew this.
(new zebra ballpoint pen + watercolour + hero + crayon + liquid paper + photoshop)

 Signboards from another view from the coffeeshop. I could smell something good cooking.
(parallel pen + watercolour + photoshop)
Roadworks were happening just outside the coffeeshop.
(brush+ photoshop)
After Penang Asam Laka (with kampong fish) with Tony. We went to the industrial estate near Geylang. It was about 6pm+.
(parallel pen + photoshop)

Cars were whizzing pass, going up a highway bridge near the industrial estate. The sky was an evening sky.
 (noodler's ahab + watercolour)