Thursday, April 05, 2012

Outside Spruce Taqueria

It's hard to find good and cheap tacos in Singapore. So when my wife and I heard of this place at Pheonix Road, we were quite excited. The last time we tried tacos was in Chicago. It was made by real mexicans, the tacos were cheap and very very tasty. At this restaurant, it cost $9 for 2 tacos, salsa and chips and a drink. It looked alright, when we bit into it, it was almost tasteless. The meat could have been more marinated better (it tasted like they didn't marinate it at all). And was quite watery. And the salsa could have used more salt. Quite tasteless too. The chips which probably came from a packet tasted fine. I hope they could at least make the meat have some taste in the future. It was at a nice quiet location and the price was not bad. If the food were better, it would be a great secret food joint. Anybody know of any other good and cheap taco places in Singapore?

Noodler's ahab flex + mixed brown and black pelican ink (doesn't seem to smudge much)