Wednesday, April 11, 2012

People, pens and photoshop

I don't like drawing guns. But I do like powertools. This could be something like a nail gun.
Parallel pen + black ink brush

I test out various pens. And out comes strange people.
The parallel pen is one of the more hassle free pens.
I like the vintage waterman for it's flex.
Noodler's Ahab isn't soft enough to see much flex when I draw.

Waterman 52 + watercolour. Pelikan 4001 ink bleeds a little but it's semi waterproof
as you can see. And it's cheap.

Pentel brush pen + Pilot Falcon + gouache + photoshop for the flat whites.
I really like the Pentel brush pen because it has longer bristles than most brush pens.
and it handles thick and thin lines pretty comfortably.