Thursday, November 29, 2012

Places I eat at

There's this new western stall at Tanglin Halt (the smaller hawker centre). It's called Indulgence. I like their carbonara there. It's tastes like the carbonara I had in Florence. Thick creamy cheesy sauce, with raw egg put over it once it's out of the pan. Stir in altogether and eat! I think it was S$6.50. The usual hawker centres have  carbonaras that are usually watery with some kind of mushroom sauce. So I'm glad I found this stall. The chef is the guy with greyish-white hair in the picture (taking a break.) Hero pen + pigment.

Da Paolo Gastronomia at Chip Bee Gardens (across from Holland Village) sells food to go. But they can also heat it up at the shop for you. I like the Spinach Lasagna there. Yvonne likes that thing (I forgot what it's called) with tomato slices and chewable cheese. They now have tables and chairs for eating-in customers. Watercolours.

The coffeeshop where I have my lunch sometimes. I like the chinese noodles and mince pork from the dumpling stall. And the Orchard Emerald Beef Noodles is good too. It gets sold out pretty quickly and I believe the chef goes to play golf, judging from his tan lines and his golf shirts. He also wears a sparkling earring on one ear. Hero pen + watercolours.