Friday, December 21, 2012

december sketches

Rotring + Twsbi 540

Hero fountain pen. Paul's bakery for breakfast. Seems that the prices have gone up. More bakeries have been springing up in Singapore.

Parallel pen + vintage waterman

Parallel pen + vintage waterman

Parallel pen
Parker 51 from Greg Minuskin. Ok this pen is more for writing. But it can do simple lines. And it's a very very smooth pen. And a classic. Love it.

Modified Pilot Falcon with added flex from Greg Minuskin. I didn't use the full flex function here. But it's much easier to get line variation now. Not as soft/flex as a dip pen hunt or g-nib but it's nice and springy for a very pleasurable drawing experience. This was a spontaneous comic done at the Star while meeting with Seiji last night. The rule was "the first scene had to be what we saw in front of us."

Pilot Falcon + Kuretake brush pen.
Hero fountain pen + home-made tea ink.