Friday, February 01, 2013

January sketches

Got some new notebooks from Epigram. They don't take watercolour or fountain pen ink well. So I had to use my underused ballpoint pens in these. And I do like the look of ballpoint pens on this notebook paper. I have a few ballpoints which I like. 1) A uniball 1.0 jetstream 2) Parker with ballpoint quink ink 3)Zebra BA66-BK. These are the smoothest ones I've tried though most ballpoints feel more or less the same.
Monday night dinner.

Drawing people and things from a magazine and from my imagination.

drawing people at Shen Yi's wedding. He was my neighbour. And this is his mom pointed on in the picture.

Sketched this while waiting for Yvonne to arrive in a bus from Orchard Rd. Time isn't wasted if i'm sketching.

Found this restaurant on ieatishootipost and we hunted it down on a friday night.
It was good. We over-ordered as well. Noodler's Ahab + home-made tea ink.

The next morning, I joined the Urbansketchers for a sketchwalk along Portsdown Rd.

We ended the walk at Colbar along Whitchurch Rd.

Took my parallel pen out to play again. Been sometime since I loaded it with black ink and just doodled something with it. It's easy to fill black spaces quickly with this pen. Midtones were done with some left over ink in some bottle.

Re-discovered a music dip pen nib I bought not too long ago. Saw this techniques a few times before and I thought I'd try it. Brushed some plain water fairly thickly and randomly across the page and then drew on the paper. Then just watched how the ink spreads randomly whenever the nib touches the water. Magic!