Saturday, February 16, 2013

Around the chinese new year season

Pilot Falcon + Gnib + kuretake brush pen.

Von and me went jogging along the green corridor recently. Along the path, we had to run under these bridges which were very dark underneath. This picture just captures that feeling (and the under of these bridges don't look like these). Parallel pen + watercolour + chinese ink + acrylic white.

Drawn and written with Pilot Falcon with added flex. A good pen just want to make you draw and write more. And also makes you not want to sleep so early. So I began listing down the ingredients that went into the reunion dinner steamboat I ate that night.

The everyday scenes in houses. I think it's useful to capture them because nothing lasts forever and it will be nice to see this picture many years later. Pilot Falcon + Signo DX

Visiting aunty Mary during Chinese New Year. The Grammy awards was on TV. I tried not to eat so much snacks. Derwent drawaings pencils.

A random comic while spacing out during visiting. Signo DX.


Derwent drawing pencils + photoshop.


Mechanical pencil + dewent drawing pencils. I found this mechanical pencil with a flat lead at Daiso Ion for only $2. I used it in the picture on the right.

A practice drawn from a Magazine picture. A good way to break me out of my usual drawing subject matters. Leonardt dip nob with waterproof fountain pen ink + watercolour + kuretake brush pen on Stillman & Birn sketchbook paper.