Saturday, February 09, 2013

thoughts and things around me

Went to see my cousins on Yvonne's side of the family, Kevin and Jacq, perform. Many of Yvonne's uncles and aunties came to watch too. Kuretake brush pen.

Kevin is the one with the interesting hair. An old man in office shirt and pants suddenly jumped up and started doing a dance throughout a whole song. He danced very well and rigorously then gave a bow. Kevin asked his age after the number and he said he was 69 years old.

They sound a like Beirut and Arcade Fire mixed together. They are called the Sapporo Safaris.

Namiki pen + brush pen + photoshop.

Parallel pen.

Some random alien people with strange helmets. Cool. Parallel pen with a mix of waterproof inks + watercolours.

After church. Pilot Falcon with Private Reserve ebony blue ink. I like this ink! Not water-resistant. But flows well.

A slice of life comic diary page. I don't expect you to understand everything here. Or maybe you might, if you know me personally. But anyways, this is how it went- a capture of events and conversation in history. If I didn't draw it out, it might be forgotten someday. Parallel pen + Namiki pen + photoshop.
Forgot to include these 2 pics in the last post. Hero pen + Pilot Falcon (modified) + photoshop.

Trying more disjointed lines. A kind of Sempe style. Hero pen + photoshop.