Friday, September 19, 2014

Sherlock Sam illustrations

Illustrations for the Sherlock Sam children's series, published by Epigram Books. The series is written by Adan and Felicia (who make up A. J. Low) and illustrated by me. The authors, who are total geeks when it comes to superheroes and science fiction have made their own Singaporean version of Sherlock Holmes. The stories follow the adventures of the kid detective (who likes to eat) and his sidekick robot, Watson. I was tasked with designing the look of the characters as well as the style of the book. I chose to use a sable brush and ink combined with a grey wash applied in photoshop to achieve a simple yet lively look for the drawings. At present, the 7th book has been completed and will be going out for print soon. All illustrations (c) Epigram Books.