(NOV 2012)

This book is a collection of my best short stories compiled over the last 4 years. Story length ranges from 1 page to as long as 37 pages. 176 pages in total. Most stories are in full colour. There are some stories that fictional while others are true stories from my own life. But actually they are all autobiographical. They all contain either my real experiences or my experiences and feelings translated into another universe or character. One things I'd describe my stories as having is a decent sprinkling of strangeness to them, just the way I like my stories. Out of the 13 stories, 5 of them are from my older handmade books, but this time in color. The main bulk of the stories have never been released before so it's still a good buy even if you have my older handmade books. Because of my love for art tools of all kinds, I couldn't help but explore different drawing styles throughout this collection. But I felt it helped bring out the moods better in each story than if I had kept them all to the same style.  All in all, it's like a comic anthology (like Flight) except that this one is all created by the same creator.

Why the name Monsters, Miracles and Mayonaise? There be monsters in it! Like those disgusting cockroaches! There be miracles! Like in one story where I'm recounting the time when my water in my water bottle actually turned into Ribena, all of a sudden. Really! And there be Mayonnaise! I had to put that in because I like really like mayonnaise.

The story "Moving Forward" in the graphic novel was nominated for an Eisner under the "Best Short Story" category in 2013.

Here are some sample pages.

Here is a detailed review of the book:

If you are in Singapore, you can get this graphic novel at Kinokuniya, BooksActually (in Tiong Bahru), Wood in the books (Millenia Walk) and other major bookstores(sooner or later). You can also purchase it directly from the Epigram Books. If you are overseas, you will be able to get it from Amazon.

(NOV 2011) 
In this second collection of comic stories by me, you will find a lone man deciding if he should go home, a dimension traveller who bumps into an old friend, a young man who tries to befriend a loner in an advertising agency, and other strange stories. Some are true stories. Some are fictional. I've experimented with a few drawing styles here to match the feel of each story. Mediums used include ballpoint, carpenter's pencil, brush, hero pen, pencil, wash and photoshop. This book was self-published, and put together by hand. It is black and white, printed on 100gsm munken paper (off-white) and is 44pages + the cover.

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(AUG 2010)
Blurking was one of my earliest comic series. I created this strip during long bus rides to work, and then drawn when I got home at night. It's about a kid with an amusing perspective on things. Some may describe this as being dreamy, lost in his own world, or blur. It's been many years since I've drawn this series but I still laugh at them. So for your viewing pleasure, I've collected these little strips into one small booklet, printed on good off-white 100gsm paper, stapled and cut to size by hand.

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