Thursday, September 23, 2010


Join us, Urbansketchers and OIC, for our next sketchwalk happening this saturday morning. The location this time will be the Eunos Industrial Estate, located just beside the Singapore Post Centre. This area is rich with workshops specialising in metal works, timber, furniture, automobile repair and spray painting, all lined up one after the other. There will be much to draw. Please take extreme caution: Choose safe spots to sketch and always keep a lookout for forklifts and trucks in this busy area.

Directions: Get down at Paya Lebar Stn. Follow the dotted lines to the food center marked out in red. Meet at the food center at 9.30am. From there we may spread out in all directions, covering the estate at our own leisure. We will return back to the same food center by 12.30pm. The building marked out in pink is rather interesting too if you have time to explore it. 

For more information, contact Tia at 96968080 and Andrew at 91070735. See you there!