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The stresses of life don't hinder art

Sometimes, I think that all the responsibilities and things I need to do during the day get in the way of me doing art. And I just want to get it all completed so I can get to my desk, close the door, get my art tools out, and draw whatever I like in peace.  But doing this comic, I'm reminded that life and art are connected. Art is an expression of what I've been thinking and feeling- how I've been processing the events of my life. So when I'm doing life, I ought to be giving good attention to what is happening, pleasant of unpleasant. Because the busy-ness or stresses of life don't have to hinder my art. Rather, they can provide me with stories, ideas and topics to "art" about. This story continues my previous comic here: Life just keeps moving on and for me, it's about riding along and capturing the stories as they come.

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