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Drawing mundane (almost boring) things

Life for me seems to move really fast these days. Once I wake, I'm tempted to check my phone for new messages. And once I do that, it feels like my mind gets dragged along on a roller coaster ride for the rest of the day. To help me slow down, I did these two pages on separate occasions. Drawing mundane things trains my mind to focus on small things, similar to "stopping to smell the roses". When I drew the parts in my car, I realised how much design went into each part. And I had a thought- I spent money paying for this car and all the parts that go into it. And I'm only noticing that I'd purchased only 8-9 years later!  I did the same for the things in my house. And it looks like I drew the last frame at a food centre or coffeeshop. Drawing mundane things and making them look cool can be a fun challenge in itself. I drew all these in spurts while I was going about my day, handling all the tasks and errands along the way. I like how these turned out.  It proves t

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