Changes saga - 4th page added!

Update 24 Dec 2023: What? It has been about 2 months already? Well, I actually did another part 4 page. But then, I realised it didn't work with the pace of the overall story. So I'm continuing the saga with this page instead. This keeps the action going. I showed Yvonne this page and she said she'd forgotten all this already. Because I've been so busy, I decided to do this comic entirely in Procreate (digitally) this time. I wonder if anyone will notice. It does feel different doing it digitally. Doing it fast, it's ok. But over an extended period of time, staring at the screen, it does it tiring and I think of the simplicity of ink on paper.

Still figuring out how to get this comic done in a more timely fashion. But for now, it's coming out in spurts like this! At least, I'm getting it done! Thanks for reading anyways, whoever you are! And Merry Christmas!:)

The comics for this series will take awhile. But if you are interested in my first collection about my experiences as a first-time dad, here is the ebook.

Update 23 Oct 2023: Missed one week, but I've put in the time for the 3rd page. Yes, there is still no perfect time. I had to put in the time, and what means saying no to just sitting back and binging on TV. I must say that for longer stories, it does make it less stressful when I'm focusing on just one page at a time. Perhaps what held me back from completing this was thinking about all the pages all at once, and that was a mountain of work. One page at a time helps me make it more manageable. On a side note, I almost wanted to capture my whole process on camera again. That's what happens when one makes videos, I suppose. I had to tell myself that some things should be off-camera. Some art is reserved purely for my own private time. Without the camera, I felt I could put in a lot more focus on this 3rd one as I inked it.

Update: 6 Oct 2023:  And here is the second page! This one comes with a process video here

End Sept 2023: I've been wanting to finish this story arc for one year now. I've roughly drafted this set of stories on Procreate on my iPad, but it's been just sitting there because of time constraints and procrastination. I've finally completed the first page and the plan is to finish one page a week.

This story is about all the changes that have taken place since September 2022. I don't know if anyone would be interested in reading this, or if many people actually read this blog (apart from you, dear reader). There were some dramatic events I'd like to remember years from now. And I'm sure Toby would be interested to read this next time. So here goes!