Saturday, April 27, 2013

sketches during the April sketchwalk with Urban Sketchers Singapore at Bishan.

Sailor Pro Gear fine nib with Lamy black ink + gouache and watercolour. The filbert brush I used today holds less water and creates a more pastey effect when I paint with it. And I do like that effect. It's easier to control the paint. My pen ink wasn't waterproof. But then I didn't use that much water so it didn't bleed much.

This might be one of the nicest parks in Singapore that I've been to. Hunt 102 in an Ackerman pump pen with Pelikan Brilliant Black (semi-waterproof ink) + watercolour. I love how thin the lines go for the hunt 102. Catches a little on my bumpy paper. But a delight to draw with.

Hunt 102 in an Ackerman pump pen + watercolour.

Drawn when my fingers were itching to draw after dinner. Parker 51 with Midnight blue ink + watercolours.


Ahab with calli ink + watercolours.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013


Sailor pro-gear F + brush pen + watercolour + white colour pencil + photoshop colour tweak.


Parallel pen on mailer + poster colour white.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

April sketches

Caught up with Dave over coffee. They have free wi-fi there! Hunt 102 + watercolour.

Hunt 102 + watercolour.

Drawn from an old photo. Hunt 102 + zig calligraphy pen + watercolour.

Was itching to draw something after lunch that day. Hunt 102 + watercolour.

Pilot Falcon.

Namiki + brush pen.

Ghim moh

Had Mutton Biryani for lunch at Ghim Moh today. Drawn with Hero 578 with FPR flex nib.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013


People having picnics on the grass area at botanic gardens while a big band plays and kids run about.
Top: Metal Falcon with watercolour + brush pen Bottom: Waterman (52v?) EF from Minuskin. Notice how fine it goes. I do like those super fine lines.

Waterman EF + photoshop.

Yvonne and I ate at Crystal Jade and Edmund and family were just at the next table. Waterman EF + photoshop.

The Waterman extra fine vintage flex pen!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Recent sketches

Crowquill with calli ink + watercolours + photoshop. I used white-out to fix an ink spill haha.

Hero with FPR flex nib + Brush pen + photoshop

Watercolours + brush pen.

Hero pen pen + watercolours.

Hero with FPR flex nib + watercolours and brush pen on Gamma series Stillman & Birn.

G-nib + watercolours + photoshop.

Hero with FPR flex nib + watercolours.