Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Sitting on the back of an alien ship. Namiki pen + photoshop

Drawings from Tiong Bahru

From one of the good coffee stalls in the Tiong Bahru Food Centre. Hero fountain pen + watercolours.

Kuretake brush with rotring ink + watercolours

Hero pen + watercolours

Monday, December 24, 2012

christmas service at the star

Staedler Triplus fineliner.

2 pens in the mail!

I got two pens from Greg Minuskin recently. One is a Parker 51 with a fine nib. The other is the Metal Pilot Falcon I sent to him to add flex to it. (No regrind as mine is already an extra fine nib).

I got the Parker 51 as a writing pen. It is as smooth as I expected it to be. Very smooth! And the ink flows nice and wet from the nib. I'm using Private Reserve Ebony Blue ink here. Its fine nib is not a flex nib so it just does uniform lines. But still, it can be used for drawings and it can look good depending on how I use my lines. Long continuous lines seem to work well with it so far. But I would still consider it as a very delightful writing pen.

This is using the modified Metal Pilot Falcon. This is similar to the Namiki Falcon but with a metal body (if I'm not mistaken). Here is a test drawing without much pressure. The lines flex only a tiny bit when I'm not trying to think about flexing it. Still, the feel of the pen while drawing this was great. I did add some pressure to the lettering so they have thick and thin strokes. But not as difficult to achieve as before. Had to really make a big conscious effort to do this before the modification.

Here is another drawing with me consciously adding more flex to the lines. But I didn't have to press too hard. Just a small push. With this same amount of pressure before modification, I think this drawing will look similar to the one above (not much flex). But still, this can't compare to a "wet noodle"vintage flex where it's so soft, even the slightest pressure will give you a thick line. I have one of those. But those are a little difficult to draw fast with as I'd be afraid to damage the tines accidentally. Good for writing but not so good for drawing quick. I personally prefer a slightly stiffer flex nib like this one (btw 4-7 on a scale of 1-10) for drawing. I'm happy with this modified Falcon. Though I also wouldn't mind if this nib could flex wider, like a dip pen g-nib or a hunt nib. This one spreads to a maximum of 1mm both before and after the modification. It just flexes more easily now.

This is the size of the picture in comparison with the pen. It's an A5 sketchbook.

And here's promoting my friend, Greg Minuskin - He's one of the best guys to go to for affordable vintage pens or nib modifications. He has great customer service too. Take note that his shipping can be on the high side. (about US$24 on top of the price of the pens.) But that's because of insurance and tracking. Well, better spend more than be sorry if a pen gets lost in the mail. To save on shipping, I got him to ship two pens at one go. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

december sketches

Rotring + Twsbi 540

Hero fountain pen. Paul's bakery for breakfast. Seems that the prices have gone up. More bakeries have been springing up in Singapore.

Parallel pen + vintage waterman

Parallel pen + vintage waterman

Parallel pen
Parker 51 from Greg Minuskin. Ok this pen is more for writing. But it can do simple lines. And it's a very very smooth pen. And a classic. Love it.

Modified Pilot Falcon with added flex from Greg Minuskin. I didn't use the full flex function here. But it's much easier to get line variation now. Not as soft/flex as a dip pen hunt or g-nib but it's nice and springy for a very pleasurable drawing experience. This was a spontaneous comic done at the Star while meeting with Seiji last night. The rule was "the first scene had to be what we saw in front of us."

Pilot Falcon + Kuretake brush pen.
Hero fountain pen + home-made tea ink.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

recent december sketches

Hero pen. Writings by a Twsbi 540 stub 1.1.

ackerman pump pen g-nib
Noodler's Ahab + Twsbi 540

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

java chip

This was at 1130pm at night while waiting for Yvonne. Parallel pen on paper.

Orchard's christmas lights are out. Noodler's Ahab + photoshop (inversed image)

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Berkshire & Canterbury

A spot behind Hort Park. A quiet secret skateboarders' hangout. Shhh. Watercolours + hunt imperial nib on ackerman pump pen,

Friday, December 07, 2012

Illustrations for Nivea's facebook page

A Nivea christmas facebook page. Art direction by Chris Shie from Flok.
Created using illustrator + photoshop.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Monday, December 03, 2012

last few drawings from the november 2012 sketchbook

Did these with a Noodler's Ahab filled with Daler Rowney Calli ink. It's waterproof non-clogging india ink. I know you aren't supposed to put india ink into fountain pens. But since the Noodler's ahab can be fully dismantled and washed, there is no fear of permanent clogging. Also I try to wash it every few days or so since india ink could be a little corrosive to the pen feed. But it works well for a waterproof ink in a flex pen! And the Ahab has a pretty decent flex for drawing (not too soft and not too stiff).I added tape in some of these just for fun.

Noodler's Ahab flex pen + watercolour + chinese ink.

gum paper

A relative's house. Hero pen + gum paper.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Places I eat at

There's this new western stall at Tanglin Halt (the smaller hawker centre). It's called Indulgence. I like their carbonara there. It's tastes like the carbonara I had in Florence. Thick creamy cheesy sauce, with raw egg put over it once it's out of the pan. Stir in altogether and eat! I think it was S$6.50. The usual hawker centres have  carbonaras that are usually watery with some kind of mushroom sauce. So I'm glad I found this stall. The chef is the guy with greyish-white hair in the picture (taking a break.) Hero pen + pigment.

Da Paolo Gastronomia at Chip Bee Gardens (across from Holland Village) sells food to go. But they can also heat it up at the shop for you. I like the Spinach Lasagna there. Yvonne likes that thing (I forgot what it's called) with tomato slices and chewable cheese. They now have tables and chairs for eating-in customers. Watercolours.

The coffeeshop where I have my lunch sometimes. I like the chinese noodles and mince pork from the dumpling stall. And the Orchard Emerald Beef Noodles is good too. It gets sold out pretty quickly and I believe the chef goes to play golf, judging from his tan lines and his golf shirts. He also wears a sparkling earring on one ear. Hero pen + watercolours.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Stirling Rd sketchwalk

G-nib + Van dyck brown from kremer pigmente

Van dyck brown + black ink

Van dyck brown + black ink

G-nib + Van dyck brown + black ink

November sketchbook 2

Van dyck brown from kremer pigmente


EF vintage Waterman from Greg Minuskin + photoshop

Van dyck brown from kremer pigmente

EF Waterman + Van dyck brown from kremer pigmente + ecoline ink

Van dyck brown from kremer pigmente + ballpoint

Van dyck brown from kremer pigmente

Van dyck brown from kremer pigmente + EF Waterman

Van dyck brown from kremer pigmente + photoshop