Monday, July 30, 2012


EF Vintage fountain pen + photoshop. (brush pen on reverse of paper)

sketches on the move.

A truck at a parking lot at Commonwealth Crescent. Drawn while waiting for lunch to arrive.
Blackwing pencil + Derwent drawing pencil on smooth paper.
Quick sketch drawn while waiting for my ride to arrive.
Blackwing pencil + Derwent drawing pencil on smooth paper.

My dad's car broke down on last monday afternoon. The engine just died when he stopped before a large traffic junction. I went to meet him and parked my van directly behind him. We tried calling for a tow truck but they were all busy. Finally, one agreed to come but took a long time to come. I waited behind my dad's car while the hot sun beat down on me. Sweat covered my arms. There was nothing to do but wait. Good thing I had a brush pen and notebook with me. So I drew my dad's car.

Finally the tow truck came. He was obviously from China judging from his accent and looks. I could barely understand his chinese. He hooked my dad's car and began towing. Along the way, we lost him as he took a wrong turn. We waited at the workshop for him to arrive and directed him via handphone. He took a while, but he finally arrived.

After he'd released the car, we looked at the car noticed that the mercedes emblem at the front was missing. It must have dropped out, we thought. Or someone must have hit it. The tow truck man looked like he wasn't aware that such a thing had happened. There was also another problem. The tow truck man had left my dad's car keys inside the car. And the car had locked itself up. So my dad had to rush home and return with his spare key. After the whole event, when the tow truck had gone off, on closer inspection of the front of the car, it looked as if someone had pried the plastic fender off and popped off the mercedes emblem from behind. (The fender was cracked from the inside.) Could the tow truck man have stopped somewhere and taken the emblem off? I wished I had inspected the inside of his tow truck before he left. The fender and emblem would probably cost $400 or more to replace.

My wife having a snack after sewing class. She is holding a napkin in one hand. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

grandma's wake

I visited JB recently for my grandma's wake. She was Yvonne's grandma. I only got to know her for just over a year, but I'm glad I got to meet her.
We took a train to Kranji MRT station and went over the causeway using bus 170.
This was the bus ride there. And the funeral parlor.

There was a dog there that was docile. Yvonne's mom started calling it docile and it seemed to respond to it. So it became his name. This was the view from the parlor.

It was a buddhist wake. The monk was chanting scripture.
After the funeral, we met at grandma's house. It was a very nice rustic house.
Even though she wasn't there any longer, the house felt lively with all the relatives gathered there.
Backyard wash area, fridge, kitchen, living room with grandma's sister, garden, clock, TV.
Family discussion at the dining table.
A scene at the crematorium.  After collecting ashes a small boat brought her ashes out to sea.

The boat seen from the shore. It was raining lightly. Those yellow things were pipes. There was some construction nearby.
Grandma's sister, Yi Po, back at the house.
And durians back in Singapore.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


There is an annoyingly sneaky cockroach in my bathroom. It appears for a little while, and then disappears into a wall gap like a ninja before my wife can hit it with a roll of paper. (I like to stay far away). After drawing this comic, I saw it again last night. But it disappeared again into a gap when I turned my head for a second. This cockroach is so dead.

gel pen + watercolour + photoshop clean up.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Random drawing. Hero pen on brown paper +photoshop colours and textures (using my old car brakes rubbed on paper)

red lines

red lines are nice! cheap red ballpoint + watercolours + photoshop enhancing.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Based on real events. pentel pocket brush pen + acrylic on paper + photoshop.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

imaginary buildings

Some imaginary buildings just to study tonal values and shapes. Noodler's ahab + watercolour (isabey mop brush) + photoshop.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

watercolour experiments

Watercolours/Sable brush + chinese ink+ tissue + photoshop

Noodler's ahab(with diamine registrar's ink)+ Watercolours/Isabey mop brush + photoshop

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

pentel ink brush + crayon + marks made from car brakes that I took out from my car (haha) + photoshop.

Sunday, July 01, 2012


Parallel Pen

Ackerman G-nib + watercolour

sketches around singapore

Men looking at birds at Toa Payoh. Pentel pocket brush pen + ecoline ink wash

A famous barber shop called Bugs Bunny Barber shop in Toa Payoh.
pentel pocket brush pen + photoshop

pentel pocket brush pen + wash + photoshop

A coffeeshop. Ecoline ink applied with japanese brush.

Fountain Pen + Pilot G-TEC-C4 + photoshop