Friday, April 24, 2020


This was just before schools closed to contain the Covid-19 virus in Singapore. 
Pilot Custom 823 + photoshop.

Sunday, April 05, 2020

Sherlock Sam installation at The Arts House

Was hired by The Arts House to design a Sherlock Sam installation to be displayed on the lawn outside. At first, I wanted to make a cube with lenticular walls all around. Why lenticular? Because Sherlock Sam is a kid and the science he uses leans toward old-school science, not super high tech stuff. On each wall, a Sherlock Sam character would do something that showed of their respective signature move or reveal something about their character. Kids would be able to see the images change as they ran around. And after that, they could go inside to do some art with Sherlock Sam stamps.

But after the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the design was altered to a more ventilated version. Perhaps it worked better because the interior of the cube would have been an oven. The design was put together by a talented company called The Merry Men Works. I think they did an excellent job.