Thursday, November 29, 2012

Places I eat at

There's this new western stall at Tanglin Halt (the smaller hawker centre). It's called Indulgence. I like their carbonara there. It's tastes like the carbonara I had in Florence. Thick creamy cheesy sauce, with raw egg put over it once it's out of the pan. Stir in altogether and eat! I think it was S$6.50. The usual hawker centres have  carbonaras that are usually watery with some kind of mushroom sauce. So I'm glad I found this stall. The chef is the guy with greyish-white hair in the picture (taking a break.) Hero pen + pigment.

Da Paolo Gastronomia at Chip Bee Gardens (across from Holland Village) sells food to go. But they can also heat it up at the shop for you. I like the Spinach Lasagna there. Yvonne likes that thing (I forgot what it's called) with tomato slices and chewable cheese. They now have tables and chairs for eating-in customers. Watercolours.

The coffeeshop where I have my lunch sometimes. I like the chinese noodles and mince pork from the dumpling stall. And the Orchard Emerald Beef Noodles is good too. It gets sold out pretty quickly and I believe the chef goes to play golf, judging from his tan lines and his golf shirts. He also wears a sparkling earring on one ear. Hero pen + watercolours.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Stirling Rd sketchwalk

G-nib + Van dyck brown from kremer pigmente

Van dyck brown + black ink

Van dyck brown + black ink

G-nib + Van dyck brown + black ink

November sketchbook 2

Van dyck brown from kremer pigmente


EF vintage Waterman from Greg Minuskin + photoshop

Van dyck brown from kremer pigmente

EF Waterman + Van dyck brown from kremer pigmente + ecoline ink

Van dyck brown from kremer pigmente + ballpoint

Van dyck brown from kremer pigmente

Van dyck brown from kremer pigmente + EF Waterman

Van dyck brown from kremer pigmente + photoshop

Friday, November 23, 2012

Illustrations for Young Parents Magazine

Here are my editorial illustrations for the Young Parents magazine in Singapore for the last few months. All sketched in pencil or photoshop, then completed in photoshop. Art Direction and layout done by Rachel and Michelle or Judy from SPH. Nice working with you ladies!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Review: Escoda Reserva Kolinsky-Tajmyr Sable Travel Brushes

Read my review of these brushes on Parka Blogs.

November sketchbook

Was trying out my G-nib ackerman pen and tried to draw the scenes around my neighbourhood just from memory. G-nib+photoshop.

Yvonne at Maison Kayer, a new japanese bakery at Scotts. Good bread. She was waiting for me to finish drawing before eating! Kuretake brush pen + watercolour.

At our secret comic group gathering. Parallel pen with Private Reserve Ebony blue ink+ photoshop

Dinner with the comic guys.  Seiji drew the pic below. Kuretake writer pen + photoshop.

We went to mcdonald's to draw out comic for the night. The theme was "cat." We had one hour to draw a spontaneous comic. Kuretake writer pen + photoshop.

I thought I'd record what I did on Sunday from 630pm onwards. I got my bag, went to the lift lobby with Von, drove out of the carpark, went on PIE, took the Kallang exit, got to Von's parents' apartment and the guard told us to park at the 4th floor, drove up to the 4th floor, got out, watched the Taiwanese TV drama, ate curry, drank water from this martian cup I always drink from, read a magazine, brought a lugguage home (Von's dad used it for his trip to China), drove home, tried to form a gasket seal for a water container, Von peeped into the workroom and told me it was bedtime.
EF Waterman fountain pen from Greg Minuskin with Pelikan brown ink + photoshop.

Ballpoint + wash + photoshop.

Pilot Falcon pen with Pelikan brown ink + photoshop.

Home-made cane pen + Pilot falcon + photoshop.
Ballpoint + Kuretake brush pen, Rotring + watercolour
Scenes around Stirling Rd while I waited for Von. Rotring technical pen + photoshop.

Felt sick on Sunday. So my drawn characters also feel the same way. Ballpoint + wash.
Scene from the grass patch on top of ADM during a mini-sketchwalk with students. Home-made cane pen + wash.

Drew this while waiting for Von. People at the supermarket checkout at NTUC Holland Drive.
Parallel pen with a mix of red and black ink + photoshop.
The Sushi/soba counter within the supermarket at Takashimaya. I think too many people have found out about this place. It used to be one of my secret eating places. Parallel pen (with Ebony blue ink) + photoshop.

Recently got some Escoda travel brushes. So this is what I carry around. A pillbox with watercolours. A small bottle of water (waterproof lid) + the brushes (made with Kolinsky sable hair).

Breakfast at Holland drive hawker centre. Watercolour on paper.

Waterolour on paper.

Ballpoint, watercolour on paper.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Interview on AMWC

My new graphic novel is out, finally!

This book is a collection of my best short stories compiled over the last 2 years. Story length range from 37 pages to single page comics. 176 pages in total. Most stories are in full colour too. There are some stories that are surreal fantasy while others are memories from my own life experiences. The one thing they have in common is that the stories are all strange, just the way I like my stories. Out of the 13 stories, 5 of them are from my older handmade book, but this time in color. The main bulk of the stories have never been released before so it's still a good buy even if you have my older books. Because of my love for art tools of all kinds, I could not help but explore different drawing styles throughout this collection. So in a way, it's like a comic anthology (like Flight) but it's all created by one author, me! Haha.

Why the name Monsters, Miracles and Mayonaise? There be monsters in it, like those disgusing cockroaches! Monsters, all of them! Spraaaaaay. There be miracles. Like the time where the water in my water bottle suddenly turned into Ribena. True story. And there will be Mayonaise making an appearance in it, because I like mayonaise.

Here are some sample pages.

If you are in Singapore, you can get this graphic novel at Kinokuniya, BooksActually (in Tiong Bahru), Wood in the books (Millenia Walk) and other major bookstores(sooner or later). You can also purchase it directly from the Epigram Books. If you are overseas, you will be able to get it from Amazon

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Parallel pen + photoshop. The texture brush I made using the dirt from my old car brakes are working well here. It was nice playing around with the parallel pen again. Great pen!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Maison Ikkoku

It was a sketchwalk at Arab street. But me and Don ducked into Maison Ikkoku along Kandahar Street for ice mocha. Ice mocha was thick with chocolate. Served in an old jam jar. Liked it.
Some students from ADM were interviewing us. Bamboo pen + photoshop

The cake counter at Maisson Ikkoku. I like the ambience there. Nice cafe. Rotring technical pen + photoshop.

The original.