November sketchbook

Was trying out my G-nib ackerman pen and tried to draw the scenes around my neighbourhood just from memory. G-nib+photoshop.

Yvonne at Maison Kayer, a new japanese bakery at Scotts. Good bread. She was waiting for me to finish drawing before eating! Kuretake brush pen + watercolour.

At our secret comic group gathering. Parallel pen with Private Reserve Ebony blue ink+ photoshop

Dinner with the comic guys.  Seiji drew the pic below. Kuretake writer pen + photoshop.

We went to mcdonald's to draw out comic for the night. The theme was "cat." We had one hour to draw a spontaneous comic. Kuretake writer pen + photoshop.

I thought I'd record what I did on Sunday from 630pm onwards. I got my bag, went to the lift lobby with Von, drove out of the carpark, went on PIE, took the Kallang exit, got to Von's parents' apartment and the guard told us to park at the 4th floor, drove up to the 4th floor, got out, watched the Taiwanese TV drama, ate curry, drank water from this martian cup I always drink from, read a magazine, brought a lugguage home (Von's dad used it for his trip to China), drove home, tried to form a gasket seal for a water container, Von peeped into the workroom and told me it was bedtime.
EF Waterman fountain pen from Greg Minuskin with Pelikan brown ink + photoshop.

Ballpoint + wash + photoshop.

Pilot Falcon pen with Pelikan brown ink + photoshop.

Home-made cane pen + Pilot falcon + photoshop.
Ballpoint + Kuretake brush pen, Rotring + watercolour
Scenes around Stirling Rd while I waited for Von. Rotring technical pen + photoshop.

Felt sick on Sunday. So my drawn characters also feel the same way. Ballpoint + wash.
Scene from the grass patch on top of ADM during a mini-sketchwalk with students. Home-made cane pen + wash.

Drew this while waiting for Von. People at the supermarket checkout at NTUC Holland Drive.
Parallel pen with a mix of red and black ink + photoshop.
The Sushi/soba counter within the supermarket at Takashimaya. I think too many people have found out about this place. It used to be one of my secret eating places. Parallel pen (with Ebony blue ink) + photoshop.

Recently got some Escoda travel brushes. So this is what I carry around. A pillbox with watercolours. A small bottle of water (waterproof lid) + the brushes (made with Kolinsky sable hair).

Breakfast at Holland drive hawker centre. Watercolour on paper.

Waterolour on paper.

Ballpoint, watercolour on paper.