Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fairy illustrations for Wedding and Travel magazine's jewellery section. Pencil, inkwash and photoshop. I guess you could describe it as a combination of Amano and Tim Sale's drawing techniques. The brief was to create interesting scenes to showcase various sets of jewellery. And they all form a story. I think the client did a great job choosing to print on wood-free paper and spot varnishing the jewels. Client: Fullhouse Communications.

My bookshelf. Crammed with graphic novels, books and artbooks. It collapsed once. Terribly messy but somehow a piece of art. Pencil+markers+ink on paper and photoshop.

Calligraphic pen on paper, watercolour and photoshop.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Animation Nation 2008 returns with a series of screenings, seminars and workshops. Highlights include a showcase of Aardman animation, Bill Plympton's Idiot and Angels, seminar and showcase of Japanese animator Koji Yamamura, The Piano Forest and much more. Visit for the schedule and purchase your tickets from Gatecrash HERE. Tickets go pretty fast so get them early!

(Poster by drewscape. Client: Singapore Film Society. Pencil on tracing paper + photoshop.)

"Zhenged" drewscape sketchbook with silkscreen from oic silkscreening day.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Saturday Sketchwalk around city hall. Pen/colour pencil + watercolour on paper.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Watercolour and colour pencil lines on paper. Holland Rd. It was awkward painting beside the highway with people passing by coming home from work in the evening.

The ending to a story i wrote many years ago. A swarm of unstoppable robot fish lay waste to the galaxy. The only way to immobilize them was to bring them close to one of the engineers that created them. a bad man. A dimension traveller and a professor attempt this dangerous task. The professor enters the cockpit of the fish and gets digested. Sorry the storytelling in the comic isn't too clear. (watercolour on paper + photoshop colour adjustments)