Friday, October 17, 2014

From the October 2014 sketchbook

Kita-boshi 2mm pencil

Custom 742 reground by Greg Minuskin

Ballpoint pen

Modified Ahab + pencil + acrylic inks

Custom 742 + ballpoint + Kita-boshi pencil

Kita-boshi pencil + watercolours and modified Ahab

Tachikawa linemarker + parallel pen + sumi ink + watercolour

Hero 9018

Metal Falcon with spencerian grind by Greg Minuskin + watercolour + sumi ink/brush

Hero 9018 + squid ink + van dyke brown dye

Vintage Eagle fountain pen + van dyke brown dye + sumi ink

G-nib + chinese brush + kandahar indian ink


Hero 9018 + photoshop

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If you've gotten my self-published book, Everywhere I went, my sketchbook was sure to go, please feel free to post a comment or rating on Goodreads. Whether the review is a thumbs up or thumbs down from you, do let me know. And don't be shy to give critical comments or a low score just because you are one of my friends! I can learn from good and bad feedback the same;)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Green tea and the Hero 9018

Hero 9018. This is a lovely pen for sketching. It has a bent nib and the line variation is quite pronounced. It also has a nice wet flow. Among the Hero pens with bent nibs, I like this the best so far. I got it from eBay. As for green tea lattes, I think the best one on my list is from Nana's Green Tea.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

playing with pencils

I decided that I'd let my pencils laze around for too long. Plus I had new smooth paper. So I took them out for a spin. This was using various pencils. A Steadtler clutch pencil, 6B Derwent Graphitone, carpenter's pencil, acrylic white and photoshop were thrown into the mix. I like how pencils create nice moods. Fun. And it made me geek out over this website: