Keeping it simple

Here are some of the pages of sketches I did during my vacation in Perth recently. The plan was to keep it simple. For most of my sketches there, I used a cheap gel pen (I won't feel bad if I happen to lose it), graphite powder and a waterbrush. I put the graphite powder in a small plastic container and when I wanted to do the wash, I'd dip my waterbrush into the power and paint with it. More graphite powder on the brush meant a darker wash, less meant a lighter wash. It was rather easy to control. I also just noted down one event that happened during each day. And if I wanted to do, I'd do a sketch of a location. But I didn't pressure myself to draw if it was difficult to do so. I mainly took it easy during this vacation and did my best to spend time with the kids and just try to relax. I'm not sure if the sketches came out amazing. But I'm sure that I'd enjoy looking back on them years later. Haha!

Watch the video I did on it.

And this is what I drew after the trip. I so appreciated the peace and quiet at night at home after spending several days with 4 young kids. And I remember seeing almost every one on their phones in the plane back on their phones watching something. I do believe we all want and crave stories. Maybe it's because it helps us make sense of our realities.