Tuesday, September 07, 2010

SOZO cafe at Ridgewood

This is cafe I'd eat at almost everyday. It's the cafe at the Ridgewood Condo's clubhouse. It is run by one cook whom I call "1 chef". He makes great mee goreng, teriyaki chicken, mongolian chicken, fried rice, and chicken wings with secret spices. If you got to know him better, he'd make you dishes not on the menu, like his special curry chicken, and curry fish head. From talking to him, I learned that he used to work at a japanese restaurant at Liang Court's basement and he comes from an area of Malaysia with good food. I think Sozo is an unassuming and often underestimated eatery because it's within a condo's compound. I don't live there any more, but I'd still drop by now and then to try food from a good eatery that will not be there forever. (ps. "Sozo" is a greek word found in the bible which means "to save".)