Tuesday, July 24, 2012

grandma's wake

I visited JB recently for my grandma's wake. She was Yvonne's grandma. I only got to know her for just over a year, but I'm glad I got to meet her.
We took a train to Kranji MRT station and went over the causeway using bus 170.
This was the bus ride there. And the funeral parlor.

There was a dog there that was docile. Yvonne's mom started calling it docile and it seemed to respond to it. So it became his name. This was the view from the parlor.

It was a buddhist wake. The monk was chanting scripture.
After the funeral, we met at grandma's house. It was a very nice rustic house.
Even though she wasn't there any longer, the house felt lively with all the relatives gathered there.
Backyard wash area, fridge, kitchen, living room with grandma's sister, garden, clock, TV.
Family discussion at the dining table.
A scene at the crematorium.  After collecting ashes a small boat brought her ashes out to sea.

The boat seen from the shore. It was raining lightly. Those yellow things were pipes. There was some construction nearby.
Grandma's sister, Yi Po, back at the house.
And durians back in Singapore.