Monday, July 30, 2012

sketches on the move.

A truck at a parking lot at Commonwealth Crescent. Drawn while waiting for lunch to arrive.
Blackwing pencil + Derwent drawing pencil on smooth paper.
Quick sketch drawn while waiting for my ride to arrive.
Blackwing pencil + Derwent drawing pencil on smooth paper.

My dad's car broke down on last monday afternoon. The engine just died when he stopped before a large traffic junction. I went to meet him and parked my van directly behind him. We tried calling for a tow truck but they were all busy. Finally, one agreed to come but took a long time to come. I waited behind my dad's car while the hot sun beat down on me. Sweat covered my arms. There was nothing to do but wait. Good thing I had a brush pen and notebook with me. So I drew my dad's car.

Finally the tow truck came. He was obviously from China judging from his accent and looks. I could barely understand his chinese. He hooked my dad's car and began towing. Along the way, we lost him as he took a wrong turn. We waited at the workshop for him to arrive and directed him via handphone. He took a while, but he finally arrived.

After he'd released the car, we looked at the car noticed that the mercedes emblem at the front was missing. It must have dropped out, we thought. Or someone must have hit it. The tow truck man looked like he wasn't aware that such a thing had happened. There was also another problem. The tow truck man had left my dad's car keys inside the car. And the car had locked itself up. So my dad had to rush home and return with his spare key. After the whole event, when the tow truck had gone off, on closer inspection of the front of the car, it looked as if someone had pried the plastic fender off and popped off the mercedes emblem from behind. (The fender was cracked from the inside.) Could the tow truck man have stopped somewhere and taken the emblem off? I wished I had inspected the inside of his tow truck before he left. The fender and emblem would probably cost $400 or more to replace.

My wife having a snack after sewing class. She is holding a napkin in one hand.