Monday, July 21, 2014


Had some paper I decided to just test my pens on and just scribble random things in between work. Was testing out Ackerman's new G-nib "fountain pen" which I think is more of a shaker pen. It doesn't have a proper fountain pen feed and you have to sometimes shake the ink out. At first, it didn't work at all. But after some adjustments, it began to work pretty alright. Not perfectly, but decently enough. It's a pretty experimental pen and more for tinkerers. It can be a fun pen if you don't mind a little mess and inky fingers. But it's not for people who want a reliable fountain pen they can carry around. I seems like it is called the Junior Pump Pen now.

Parallel pen with japanese ink. Ackerman fountain pen.

Parallel pen with japanese ink. Ackerman fountain pen + watercolour

Ackerman fountain pen + watercolour + photoshop

brush pen / parallel pen + photoshop