Been working on a picture book with the Natalie who did dreamduck with me. Here is a peek at one of the pages. These are one of many drawings done spontaneously without much over-planning. Completed quickly with pencil, gouache and a little photoshop.

I will be going on a 1.5 month trip to Europe so there will be no posts here till after April 15. I'm sure i'll have lots of new drawings to show you by then. Thanks for viewing this blog so far!


Anders said…
Looking forward to new stuff! Your place is one of the places I check at least once a day, keep up the brilliant work!

best regards from constant reader.
asdf said…
This looks great man. And I can't wait to see your drawings from Europe. Have a great time!
Andrew Tan said…
thanks guys.

i lost one of my waterbrush pens while drawing the little mermaid in copenhagen. have to find something else for midtones for now.

anders, i will be visiting bryne in norway in a couple weeks. perhaps i cld meet up with you then.
Don Low said…
Have a nice trip and do more sketches there... looking forward to seeing your drawings of Europe!!!!
ana said…
Nice illustration and that's why I wonder why haven't you updated this nice blog of art. - tnomeralc toys design -
sheryo a. said…
heyo when are you coming back? miss your drawings!!!
Olive Tree said…
Hi, it's a very great blog.
I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
Keep doing!
The illustration made the book look promising already! I am happy for you and Natalie!