sketchbook pg 99-107

Sailing with Li-en and Vince. On the way to St John's island.

Wet market at Ghim Moh. The hawkers were staring suspiciously at me while I was drawing.

BBQ at Yvonne's friend's condo. It was Clarissa's birthday party. (the little girl top left)

Me at my desk.

My mom. And scenes from Tanglin Halt area while drinking Teh-O.


Parka said…
Those people in the market have an eye for people who don't blend in.
Andrew Tan said…
they might have thought I was taking notes on their fish sales.
ampulets said…
I think they suspect you are making notes about whether their stalls are hygienic or not la... - Jampulets.
Andrew Tan said…
yes that would be possible. I wanted to show them after I finished drawing to relieve their fears. but they were too busy.