Folded pen nib in a parallel pen

I like the lines a folded pen produces. So I was wondering if it was possible to have that same nib for a parallel pen. I didn't want to grind down my precious parallel pen nib so I got a aluminium tin can and made a folded pen nib from it. For the back end, I measured and fashioned it according to the same dimensions of the original pen nib. I wore rubber gloves and cut it with heavy duty scissors. This had to be cut really close. I used sandpaper to get it down to a more exact size. If it was even slightly fatter, the nib would not fit. Or the feed would not fit the pen. It works pretty well. Because I don't have the means to make those little dimples that keeps the two plates always separated like in the original nib, the pen does stop flowing whenever I stop using it and I have to shake it a couple times before it works again. Flawed, but it works. And I don't have to dip the pen. Because of the shape of the nib, it's much easier to draw with compared to the regular parallel pen nib.