Thursday, December 09, 2021

Portal Birther

Here is a random comic I started years ago on Clip Studio Paint. I only had one directive in mind- Tell the story anyway I want, but finish it. I did a few pages, left it alone for months or years. But within these past few months, I decided I should just tie it together. The style changed a bit over time. Even Clip Studio Paint's G-nib brush changed when I upgraded to a later version, which was frustrating. But then, I started liking the new version's "Real G-nib" brush towards the end. Anyways, I've finally tied it together, learned some things along the way, stepped out of my comfort zone and did an entirely digitally drawn comic, and now I can move on! Because of the inconsistencies in the drawings, this isn't good enough to be but into a published book. But we can all have fun reading it here! :)