Here was my booth at the Singapore Toy Games and comic convection. I shared it with Liquid city and other comic artists like Sonny Liew and Chin Yew (beside me). Thanks to all of you who bought my homemade comics. It was my first time selling comics there. It was fun. And I hope you enjoyed reading. 

I'm considering putting the remaining copies at some small book stores like Woods in the books. But that's after I finish a load of rush-work first. And still have to put together the remaining books. (fold, align, staple, cut.) The price at the bookstores might be a little higher than at STGCC.

I also picked up a few good local independent comics at this year's STGCC. Among my favourites are Troy Chin's Resident Tourist 4 (A+), Dave and Hong Teng's Gone Case, And Chin Yew's I see so many butterflies (I bought one of his last ten copies existing in the world. It sold out. So there aren't anymore out there haha). It's encouraging to find more local comics  that have such a high standard of writing and art.


ampulets said…
i want the 19 short comics leh...