It's good to play

I do like how this one turned out. It came about through play. 

My baby Toby always wants to grab my drawing tools when he sees me drawing. But this time, that was exactly what I wanted to happen. I brought out a loose sketch I did of Yvonne(my wife) at a cafe. I started painting on it when Toby was around me. He saw me and started to grab my colour pencils and paintbrush. I let him have a go at it (see below). He helped me produce marks that I wouldn't have made on my own! I must say, he made the sketch look a lot more interesting.

Then just tonight, I brought this drawing into my computer and dropped flat colours into the random marks. This is what came out of it after 30 minutes.

Play is when I'm not trying to control the outcome. When I'm just exploring I just want to see where one thing leads to another. Sometimes, a mess will stay a mess. And sometimes, I discover something that surprises me. I'm glad I took some time to play tonight. It's good to play.