Not worrying about perfection

Sometimes I stress myself when I try to make sure every drawing I do in my sketchbook look amazing. After all, I'm supposed to be a professional illustrator right? But I realise that sucks up the fun of drawing. Going back to my "why", I remind myself that I draw because it delights me. I want to record how I see the world during each season of my life. It helps me process what is going on around me. I draw to experiment, surprise myself, and learn. Those are the good reasons. Sometimes, there will be people who will admire my work and I do like that I can inspire them, but that's not why I draw.

So here are a couple drawings from my sketchbook done last Sunday morning. Not worrying about how it would turn out, I drew my long-time friend as I chatted we him at a coffee shop in the morning. I also drew the people in Ollie's Aikido class. They moved really fast. Using contour drawing, and drawing small, allows me to capture figures really fast. But they were still too fast. I only managed to capture the outer contours for most of them.

Sailor 1911 with Zoom nib + Platinum Carbon Black + Acrylic inks

Sailor 1911 with Zoom nib