Breakfast Sketching in Singapore (ft. Roger and the Bulldog Coffee Corner)

I went back to the Bulldog Coffee Corner. This time with my friend Roger, pencils and chalk pastels. I gave their Kaya toast set (coffee, 2 eggs and toast with kaya and butter) another go. I ordered Kopi-si-kosong, which is coffee with evaporated milk and without any sugar or sweeteners. It's local coffee and it tastes different from western coffee. I hear that local coffee is roasted with butter, so the taste is different. I like both local coffee and western coffee. But not all stalls in Singapore make good local coffee. Local coffee from some stalls can taste diluted or bitter or just lacks flavour or aroma. This stall checks all the boxes for me- pleasant flavour, robust enough, aromatic. Still, this is subjective from person to person. As for me, I think it's good coffee and I'll be back. I do like the kaya here too. I like that it isn't overly sweet. The owner says he adds cinnamon sticks to the recipe. Perhaps that's why it has that nice flavour. Although Kaya toast set can be found all over Singapore, each stall makes it differently. I think it's great that the owner takes pride in making his kaya special. His eggs are soft but the yolk isn't runny. My wife like them runny, but I like them semi cooked like this. Ok I guess I should not go on and on haha! This is an art blog and not a food blog, after all!

I dug up my chalk pastels again. I've not used them for awhile. One reason I used them was because I've not made my December sketchbook and I was using an old unfinished sketchbook with paper that can't take watercolours. I had to use dry mediums. While sketching this page, I did learn one thing- if I rub the chalk on my finger and then rub my finger on the page, I can create a softer effect. Watch the video to see how I drew this page and also my thoughts as I drew it.