Having less time can be a good thing


Having less time to draw comics toward the end of 2023 forced me to just draw directly with a dip pen and colour it with watercolours. I noticed that if I had more time, I might do the pen lines like this, but then do the colouring digitally, so that I don't risk "ruining" the lines. But with even less time in December, it was "draw it out or it's going to be forgotten." So I just used what little time I had (sometimes, I'd to make myself 20minutes even though I think I can't afford it) to draw it out - lines and watercolour all together. I went the risky route, and did everything with natural media. 

What I found: 
1. I actually finished the comic a lot quicker than if I completed it digitally.
2. It was a lot more fun and relaxing doing the comic
3. The textures of natural media (both lines and how watercolours rest on paper) looks so much richer than something I'd produce digitally.

Maybe being too careful about not "ruining" the artwork actually adds a lot more layers of work for us and sometimes doesn't make the work better. Maybe not caring so much makes art a lot better. Having less time can force me to do that!:)

Kakimori nib and watercolours on watercolour paper