Everywhere I went (ebook) now available!

I've been putting this off for a few years now. And finally, I've just gone and pushed through and put it together. So here we are! Done! 

This ebook compiles my favourite sketches between 2008-2013, all in black, white and shades of grey. It's 10 years later, and I still find them a delight to look back on. In it, you'll find sketches I did around my house, around my neighbourhood in Singapore, when I went out to meet friends, at eateries and more. They are all very everyday scenes. I tend to like capturing mundane scenes that have meaning to me, so you won't find many iconic or touristy Singapore scenes here. But you get a glimpse of what a local resident of Singapore sees from day to day. 

In these sketches, I use a variety of drawing tools, from markers to fountain pens to brushes. I was experimenting at lot at that time. And I include notes on what I was thinking about the drawing process or about the location. I also describe the tools I was using in detail at the end of the book. All sketches were done on location (not from photographs) and all the text were handwritten by me.

This used to be a physical book which I self-published in 2013. I printed only 1000 copies and they are mostly gone now. The rest of it is yellowing in the humidity here in Singapore. Now, here is the ebook version which will not yellow (well, more than it's originally intended to be). I've simulated the paper texture in this ebook so you, the reader, will still get the "feel" of that nice paper. I've also adjusted some of the drawings so it displays better. Most drawings are single pages, but there will be some drawings that spread over 2 pages. When you are viewing this ebook on a PDF reader , you may choose to select to view the book as single or double pages. It's up to you! Enjoy sitting back and reading it on an iPad of tablet!

This book is 74 pages (including front and back covers) and saved in high-resolution so you can enjoy maximum details. The file is a PDF so you can open it in a variety of PDF readers including Preview, Acrobat and more. The price is US$8. And it's available for purchase and instant download from my Payhip site here: https://payhip.com/b/xGbA9

From now till the end of Nov 2023, use the code: sketchbook to get 10% off your order.