Kaya toast morning and sketching with watercolours (ft. Bulldog Coffee Corner)

This was a few weeks back, before I went on vacation. On that morning, we went for a breakfast at a local food centre. I wanted to try out, for a second time, the local coffee , runny eggs and kaya toast from Bulldog Coffee Corner. An elderly man and lady runs the store. The lady said they make the kaya themselves and they only use quality ingredients. Even the butter is good butter, not margarine. The bread was soft and crisp and it was delicious. Their coffee had a nice aroma and flavour to it. I usually go for Toastbox or Ya Kun coffee, but this could be even better. My 1.5yr old, Toby, kept wanting more bread. We had to order an extra bread for him. 

That time, before the enema, Toby kept crying lots because he was getting more and more constipated. He ate lots and nothing was coming out.

At the same time, I was trying to put together a Skillshare course (I still am). As a first-timer, the learning curve is rather steep. But I'm learning lots as I push forward. Sometimes, it's 1 step forward, 2 steps back. But it will get there.

Oh yes, the art style. Instead of my usual black pen on paper look, I decided to go watercolour on good watercolour paper. I have these good watercolour paper stored away for years now. When will I be ever using them? There isn't an ideal time. The time is now, I decided. And just started using them! Can't be precious about them. I'm not trying to follow any watercolour technique I've learned before. I'm almost drawing like I would a pen and trying to keep the colours fresh. And I'm also paying attention to tonal value contrasts to make the parts I want to stand out, stand out. Other than that, I'm experimenting. Writing the words out with a brush was also a nice change. Having it in colour rather than black and white gives the page a different look. A lot less control and the risk of making a mess is higher, but that's why the excitement of doing this is also higher. Just go for it, have fun, see what comes out of it. I do like what came out of it!