A tool worth exploring more

I've been planning the upcoming pen and ink drawing class in July. I've to decide on the tools the students will use. So many choices. There are fancy fountain pens, gel pens, ballpoints, dip pens, etc. What about just a stick from the ground? That could be fun haha. A stick is so basic and could be how humans learned to draw. This might be a good introduction to pen and ink. Wonderful thing about a stick is - it is free, has line variation and is full of surprises and because of the unpredictability of the line. Drawing with it more is worth exploring:)

I found a stick from a path below my house, dipped it in Winsor and Newton indian ink and started drawing. It's not my first time using a stick to draw with, but I seldom do it either. I love how organic or unrefined the lines are. This could work for a comic or picture book with more nature in it. I also like that I can adjust the line by shaping the end by cutting or breaking it. And I like that when the stick runs out of ink, I get a sort of dry brush effect. I suppose this would be called a dry stick effect haha! And I painted the comic with acrylic paint.

Now, what did I draw? I tried to combine fantasy with my real life. That day, when I draw this, I was decided where to go for lunch with my wife. We walked over to a food centre just 7 minutes away. We've been eating at this new food stall selling a variety of dishes, from duck to chicken and a many kinds of vegetable, eggs, tofu. We've been eating from the same stall almost everyday, almost always ordering the duck leg.