New pen and ink class in July


Here's announcing that I will be teaching a Pen and Ink course started on 16 July 2024. It is a 6-part course that will be 2.5hrs each, 10-12.30pm, Tuesday mornings. Organised by Brahm Centre. This is held in Singapore so it's only for those who reside here. I'm still in the midst of putting the course together. I've been using pen and ink for my everyday drawings for years. So I'm pretty excited to teach this. There is so much I could cover but I have to remind myself to simplify as this is a beginner class! 

I will be covering my favourite approach to drawing- contour drawing. That will allow you to draw anything you see rather than what you think you see. We will mainly be drawing from observation to capture objects and scenes simply with pen outlines and with 1 or 2 shades of wash. We will be practicing how to use lines as well as ink wash to create dark and light areas, and how to make the important parts stand out, and also basic perspective. It will be somewhat like my Skillshare course but more focused on everyday objects and less on complex scenes. It's a beginner course, remember! But we might cover simple scenes with some people in it. The objective is to give you the basic skills to sit down anywhere, relax, take out a pen and some wash and draw whatever is before your eyes, quickly and simply.

For the tools, I'm in the midst of shopping for them (I like shopping haha). The materials for the course will be provided by Brahm Centre. Such a good deal! I will be training the participants to use dip pens (with flex), gel pens, calligraphy markers- All these give you different kinds of marks. And we will use a brush with limited colour ink washes. We are probably only going to use 1 to 2 colours because I believe that students need to master controlling the light and dark of a wash before they move on to colours. Limited colours are a good place to start.

At Brahm Centre, I hear that seniors (above 50 yrs) get a subsidised rate. Seats are limited. If you are in interested, make sure your Tuesday mornings are free, and sign up HERE. Hope to see you there!