Making use of paintings (messes) instead of throwing them all away

What do I do with my kids' painting messes that keep accumulating around the house? Should I throw them away? They aren't exactly proper paintings. But if I want to be sentimental, they are paintings done by my kids when they are young (They have history!), and certain portions of these paintings have beautiful strokes and textures. I might frame some of them up as abstract art, but I can't possibly keep them all. And they keep piling and will probably go mouldy. So here are a few things I do with them HERE.

One thing I do is cut them up and use them to make a collage illustration. Here is one I made while making the above video. It does not need to end after I paste it together. I can also bring it into Photoshop and tweak the colours. Here I played with a few layer filters and gradient map. I like how combining natural and digital media together produces surprising results.