How I sketch during a busy week

Apart from being illustrator, I teach, have kids to look after, driving my daughter to school and back, and there are my own personal projects (like comics) and other stuff. Life can be packed. But I do feel I need to relax and have some personal time. Sketching is one way I like to enjoy that time. In fact, when I sketch, I create a small bubble of relax time for myself. I remember my friend, Parka, saying that when he does an urban sketch, it feels like a holiday. I agree. It can feel like a tiny holiday amidst all the things I have to do. 

Sketching big and spending almost an hour do it isn't practical for me. But I've noticed that this quick sketch format I've developed over time seems to allow me to sketch even during busy weeks. Still I don't do it every day. But when I do remember to do it, I'm able to in this format. Sketching is a way I keep my skills sharp as an illustrator. And I want to enjoy it at the same time. So it's a balance making sure I keep up with the practice and but not force myself to do it such that it becomes a chore.

Just me rambling here. But anyways, this video helped me clarify my thoughts about the little things I do to allow me to sketch while having a busy week. Enjoy!