The factors that play a part in how a drawing turns out

I've been pretty busy with work, YouTube videos, kids and more these days. It takes some effort to record simple moments like these. I recorded this in my "note and throw away" notebook. Not my sketchbook. I think it records not just the events, but how I was feeling at that moment in time. And by that, I mean the speed of line, the attention to details, the looseness of the drawing etc. Perhaps I wouldn't be able to draw it the same way if I was more relaxed and recorded it after a few more weeks had passed. 

Yep, that's what I think about. When it comes to drawing, it's not simply drawing stuff on paper. It's also the emotions, stress level, tiredness, the limitations of time that factor in on the output. And I'm interested to see what outputs when the factors change. Though I don't remember feeling amazing when I drew this, somehow, the factors here worked together to produce this charming (in my eyes) recording haha.

I added the colours digitally.