Using natural media to do comics- pros and cons

This comic was drawn late last year. And it was from a moment that happened early last year 2023. (Yep I've been taking a long time to get comics out.) One possible reason - a comic takes about 2hrs+ to complete, from sketch to inking to colouring. So if I'm too busy, I put it off. But for this comic, I realised, I had put it off for too long and I just went ahead and drew it directly with a kakimori nib (or a dip pen, maybe) dipped in ink on watercolour paper. There was a high amounts of "don't care-ness". Propelled by the thought that if I didn't draw it out, it would never get drawn. 

So I drew it out in maybe 10-15minutes. And then I probably took another 5-10 minutes to colour it. With watercolours I realise that I can't overthink it. Just fill up the areas quickly and move on. No refinement needed. To cover over mistakes, I use Luma bleed proof white. So yeah, drawing comics with natural media can be a LOT quicker, with enough "don't care-ness" thrown in.

The cons of doing comics with natural media is - I realised my comic panels were a little too close to each other and it affected eye flow so I had to digitally space the panels apart. That's why the comic is longer in height than normal. That took some time to get right because I had to clone the texture of the lovely watercolour paper as well. If the background was just white, it might have been easier. But that's the troublesome part of keeping that nice natural media drawing look good with textures and all.

So there, pros and cons! Which kind of comic looks better to you? A more digitally drawn comic or a one drawn with natural media? Or does it even make a difference to you?