Drawing a comic out sooner

Sometimes, I look back on my earlier comics in The Ollie Comics and I admire the those that have a more care-free loose drawing style. Although, most would say that my art already has that look, some of my comics carry that look and feel more than others. 

When I recount an event in comic form, I could take weeks or months before I get it drawn out. Sometimes, it's left in rough sketch stage for a long time. And when I eventually complete it with ink and colours, the outcome can feel more controlled and polished. But in this one, I did what I remember doing with some of the earlier Ollie comics. After the event happened and I had the idea in my head, and no longer than a couple days later, I sat down at a coffee cafe, bought a coffee and drew this one out quickly (25mins) all in one sitting. 

I drew the story out panel by panel without any rough pencilling first- just pen on paper. Oh but I did have a rough guide in my head. I wanted the first half of the comic to show my problem. And the second half to show how my wife solves it. I just went with that. I like how rough and loose (but not untidy) the lines turned out. Now, there is a different between loose and messy. Loose is like speaking in a casual but confident manner. People can understand you clearly. Messy is just talking in a way that is unclear. That's how I see it. There were some parts in this comic which did get messy, and I cleaned it up digitally. 

If I had waiting longer to draw this comic out, the comic might have looked different. Probably less spontaneous, because everything might have been drawn with more polish. Polish is not a bad thing. But an unpolished loose look does match comics that are simply journalling small life moments. So, although my days seems to be really busy with 2 kids, drawing a comic idea out quickly within 2 days is a good way to achieve this look and feel.