Going even looser and more free

I've been enjoying the sketches by Victoria Semykina. It reminds me how playful and free drawing can be. She uses mixed media to draw her sketches. I've not attended her classes, nor do I know what principles she uses. But from observing her art, I have a few guesses. 

I'd say that drawing loose and free isn't about randomly using paint and colours. There are a few basic principles I keep in mind as I do my loose drawings. Perhaps 3. They are my boundaries. But I'm free to go crazy within those boundaries. For the drawings below, I'd say my 3 principles are:

1. Tonal value contrast will make more important areas stand out.
2. colour theory (eg. complimentary colour)
3. texture

Here I started with the Posca markers. I did the colouring part first. I coloured in the big shapes. And also importantly, I used the contour drawing method where I don't look at my paper (hardly at all) and got those big essential shapes down.

Then I added in a darker tones with another Posca marker, also with the contour drawing method.

Then I used a pencil or pen tool. Since Posca markers have a smooth creamy texture, I felt they would pair with the "crispiness" of a rough pen or pencil. Yes I think in terms of food texture!

And that's how the pictures below were done!

This is what the actual scene looked like: