My First Skillshare Class is now Live!

I've just launched my first Skillshare class. My friend Parka encouraged me to do this and I've been working on this month after month since October 2023. Doing a video course is quite different from drawing comics! And it's so much work. Gosh! I had to redo parts where the audio or video quality wasn't good which was painful. But attempting to break down my own drawing process also helped me understand it better myself. And in some ways, I feel I've learned to teach it better now. Anyways, here it is! 

Of all things I could teach on, I've narrowed it down to this- Drawing quicker, smaller and simpler. This how I draw during busy weeks, when I only have pockets of time to sketch. I talked about this in my Youtube video here. But this class is the full comprehensive version of it. 

I spend a lot of the class breaking down the contour drawing method- a method of drawing I've found so very useful in my urban sketching as well as my illustration work. The material here is similar to what I teach my urban sketching students at SUTD. And over the years teaching them, I found ways to teach it so they can grasp it quicker. The contour method, although simple, does require some adjusting of the mind. So I've broken the teaching down into bite-sized step-by-step lessons so it will be easier to grasp even if you have zero experience drawing. And hopefully, it will provide you a new way to approaching sketching. And then have lots of fun sketching everything and anything, like I do.

If you are interested, I have a special deal from Skillshare for you. Sign up for Skillshare using this link ( and you will get Skillshare for 1 month free! With it, you can take my class as well as many other amazing classes on Skillshare. See you there!