Comic journalling: Recording conversations

I've been thinking up different ways to record a day. In this experiment, I decided to record my Sunday by only capturing conversations from morning till night. I drew this one with a marker and a fountain pen (Hero 9018 Fude nib).

1. Ollie always boasts of being the first one to kiss her baby brother. So I started boasting about being the third one to kiss him. Except, Ollie hadn't kissed him yet that day.

2. My good friend took a walk with me in the morning. Our conversation covered wanting more time to just sit and do nothing.

3. Yvonne and Ollie both wanted frozen crepe in the fridge. But when Yvonne started preparing lunch, she found that there was only one left. Ollie gave hers to her mother and had a sandwich instead. 

4. Toby drawing while Yvonne feeds him. I was drawing the scene.

5. Ollie needed a stapler for school. But the staplers we found in 2 neighbour stores had garish colours. We looked around in a third store and we found a nice white one that looked oh so Muji-like. Being picky about colours, I approved of that one. Ollie liked it. And we bought it.

6. Toby can't speak yet. But when we give him simple instructions, he responds!