Drawing autobiographical comics in real time! (ft. Ollie and Parka)

This was a comic done between 9 and 4pm on 5 Sept, Tues 2023. It's a comic drawing exercise I created for myself where I draw the events as they happen or within the hour. It helps train my speed, confidence in drawing, and storytelling skills (because I've to string the events together.) The comic features my daughter Ollie and a special guest, Teoh from Parkablogs. I call him Parka. He is a fellow urban sketcher and a reviewer of tools, materials and books things related to art.

Check out the video of how I drew these comic pages:

The pen I used was a Sailor 1911(large, raro) with a  Zoom nib which gives line variation by tilt.
The Zoom nib can be fitted into most Sailor 1911 bodies. So you can combine it with a pen body you like. I choose the "raro" body that has an ink window.

The waterproof ink I use is Platinum Carbon Black.