Sketching at the lunch table. Using a Pilot Custom Heritage 912 FA nib

We had dimsum for my sister-in-law's birthday. I drew this with a Pilot Custom Heritage 912 with FA nib  (modified to needlepoint by Greg Minuskin, the nibmeister) and coloured it with watercolour paints on Stonehenge paper.

The Custom Heritage 912 can come with a nice flexible FA nib but is fitted with a plastic feed which often does not keep up with the ink flow. (Those with the pen will understand!) When I started out using it, I had to draw really slowly with it so the pen wouldn't skip. Then I found an awesome solution. There is an online company that makes ebonite feeds for this pen. And the feeds are adjusted for better flow. That's what I'm using in the 912 now. It writes, flexes and draws wonderfully now. If you want to change the feed for your 912, I highly recommend checking out